July 1, 2011


something yummy bakes in the oven.
i hustle around making sure the house is tidy and get the little ones off to bed.

then they arrive. our guests. different people each time.
we welcome them into our home....and our hearts.
we chat over coffee and dessert.
we learn about their lives. their struggles. their triumphs.
we become community.

friendly fridays is our little name for it.

how are you welcoming others into your lives?



  1. Friendly Fridays is a great name! I love have people over for dinner (and craft nights) :)

  2. "we become community." What a beautiful picture, and I can feel your hospitality and warmth through this post! I love taking people out for coffee to welcome them into my life... learn about them, listen close to their stories. Thank you for this post!

  3. Nice! I love "we become community" too. It is welcoming, no pun ... well maybe...intended. :)
    Beautiful Post.

  4. Love that picture of yours. And those words are so wonderful. I welcome other by smiling at them, knowing their stories, hearing what they got. We disagree sometimes but it's okay as long as we understand each other.

    I like your post, voted for you :)

  5. 'Friendly Friday' . . . is that by invitation only, or do you accept drop-ins?? Sounds like fun!


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