June 30, 2011

{do you recognize him?}

i doubt. i doubt a lot.
i ask questions. and i'm often confused about god's involvement in my life....in any life.

growing up i always heard that god was very involved. i believed (or repeated) that he was in control of everything. ev-er-y-thing. to say god is in control of everything means -those 14,000 young US girls that are solicited and sold to perverted men for sex on the regular- god is in control of that?

or to that beautiful young woman that has been trying to conceive for years and finally gets pregnant- shares excitement with her family and then miscarries- god is in control of that?

or to that young mother of two that was raped in front of her small children - god is in control of that?

these are the things that flog my mind.

this week i heard someone say something very wise...
marcus borg:: "jesus journeys with us whether we recognize it or not." he was referring to the emmaus road story.

so i went back and read this passage and found great comfort for this heart full of questions. he is with me-even when the world is full of hurt and tragedy. even when i don't recognize him. even when i can't see him. he is here.

even now...he is here.

yesterday i talked with a friend that shared how god is working in their lives. an amazing story that is not mine to share so i will leave the details for them. but god is at work. he is with us on this journey. we  i simply need to recognize him.

i welcome your thoughts!


  1. Isn't it frustrating that doubt, rather than faith, comes more naturally? And even though we have to remind ourselves (sometimes constantly), I am so thankful that he is with us on this journey!

  2. God promises us if you draw nigh to Him, he will draw nigh to you. Even if you can't recognize Him or his works in your life search for him. Often times, I've come to find Him in my praise. When things in life look bleak, a praise will revive my spirits and fill my atmosphere with His presence. I pray that you are relentless in your faith. God is relentless with His love for you. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Regardless of what is going on now, He promises you a better future, but you have to get there through your faith. :)

  3. I once read in a very honest blog post that the Lord is never intimidated, frustrated, nervous, or angry about our doubt and questions. I can't tell you how releasing that was for me. Right, the Lord is not insecure like I am. Like you said, Jesus is with us even if we don't recognize Him. Even if we feel frustrated by our doubt, God uses it. I'm so encouraged by that.


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