May 4, 2011

::today it has to be said::

some people walk into your life and totally change it. that's what this guy did for me. he loved me. sincerely loved me...and still does. he goes out of his way for me. never raises his voice to me. has never ever ever said anything unkind to me. he is patient with me. he is genuine and sincere. his love for others, even in the midst of attack, inspires me. he's fun and funny. he's social and easy-going. he's positive and hopeful. he's a hard worker and a great student. he speaks with passion. he's a devoted friend, husband and daddy. his children adore "hey what's up mama (now get out of the way i see)....DAAAAAADDDDDYYYYY!!!!"

he is a good man. and today is his birthday so eisley came up with a few things that she loves about her daddy. i typed as she spoke so these are her words.

i love....
that he plays tag and dinosaurs and every time he does that i laugh.
that we watch movies together.
that he plays with me and talks with me and builds a tent for me.
that he plays baby dolls with me.
that he gives me good piggy-back rides.
that he plays balloon with me.
that he plays ball and horsey.
that he plays catch and softball.
that we play lots of hide and seek.

{happy birthday jacob!}
we love you


  1. beautiful! Happy Birthday, my friend!

  2. Awe, so sweet. Happy Birthday to your love.

  3. SUCH a precious post! I love all of the things she loves about daddy! Happy Birthday to your awesome man!! <3


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