May 5, 2011

::perfect treat for any ol' day::

yesterday was my dear hubby's birthday. and of course for his birthday i asked him what special sweet he wanted me to make. he chose oreo truffles! although i usually despise making these little goodies...last night i didn't. it was a pleasure. especially with the kiddos creating play-dough cookies in the floor and jacob sitting at the counter enjoying all of his birthday wishes from friends.

but i decided i would share this little treat with everyone so here you go...

1 bag of oreos
1 block of cream cheese
i package of candiquick

1. crush oreos in the food processor...takes around 2 minutes for a whole bag.

2, add your room temperature cream cheese in pieces and mix all together with your hands (this part is a little very take off your rings)

3. form balls around 1 inch in diameter and place on pan. (makes 25-35 depending on size)

4. place pan in freezer for 2-3 hours.

5. heat candiquick according to directions and dip each oreo ball to cover and place on pan to harden.

6. let them set for a few minutes and serve. refrigerate leftovers

then put a few on a plate, pour a cold cup of milk, hop in bed and enjoy with your sweetie....that's what we did!!


  1. i am so making these. and your plan of eating them in bed is genius. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Yummy, my mom makes these just for my hubby around christmas time! :)


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