March 3, 2011

{tiny tissues in tiny nostrils & god}

lying in bed last night i felt this urge to check on the little one. she lost a couple privileges at bed time (which, fyi, is more punishment for mommy than for her even though she doesn't see that yet) and i was fighting that whole mommy guilt thing.

i hopped up to go listen at her door and make sure every thing was copacetic. i heard her running around crying. i immediately went in and she was crying and pointing into her nose speaking broken sentences: "tissue in nose!!" tissue in nose!!"

she has a nasty virus that has caused a horrible runny nose. ya know the kind that leave that red raw place over their little lips. yeh..that kind. so i've been leaving tissue with her at night so she can wipe her nose without getting up.

side note: the hubs has terrible allergies and sometimes stuffs large pieces of tissue up his nose for a bit to bring relief. gross i know but the poor guy suffers.

anyway...eisley has obviously seen her daddy try this trick and was obviously over this running nose (that she has had for five days now). so she takes teenie tiny pieces of tissue and sticks them up her nose. then she freaks out when she cannot get them out. that's why she was running around her room crying.

the part that cuts me to the core is that she didn't come running to me. i was right there...not even 100ft away. she could have come to me. she should have come to me. i knew what to do. i handled it. then i snuggled her like crazy and reminded her of how much i love her and how she can always come to mommy with anything.

{insert large, bright lightbulb here}
don't we do the same thing to god?
run around trying to handle our own situations and circumstances.
taking matters into our own hands.
but he's there.
right there.
just waiting for us to run to him for help. for direction. for comfort. for encouragement. for love.
he's there.
always there.

p.s. we did safely remove the tissues from her tiny little nose with tweezers. all is well.


  1. I think God has taught me more about ME since I've been a parent than I've taught my kids!

    Beautiful picture, Melissa.

  2. What a beautiful post darling!!!
    Sometimes it's hard to ask others for help. We think we have to do it all on our own!! :(
    Lots of love darling!!!

  3. You are so right. How great the Father's love for us. And I am so thankful He gives us love for our children teaching us to be like Him :)

  4. I love reading your blogs Melissa!


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