March 24, 2011

::i broke up with the bible::

i broke up with my bible for a while.
yes i did.
i know {GASP!}
for Lent i decided to pick it up anew.
i will start fresh.
i am beginning in mark.

for two days i read chapter one. underlining. highlighting. making notes in the margin.

i feel it already. that welling up in my soul.
i thought it had left. it didn't.

as i read the words jumped off the pages straight to my heart.
morning prayer.
and more healing.
and solitude....loneliness.

this is the life of jesus.
but these words.....they describe my life too.

what are you finding fresh in your reading?


  1. This morning I read SIX chapters in Jeremiah. I never ever read that much. And in all honesty, I almost fell asleep--granted it was like 6:30 in the morning. But even with reading it semi-fast (and early!) I got a huge chunk of insight into God's character. (Uhm, have you ever read Jeremiah 1-6? God is HARD CORE.)

    Beautiful post!

  2. This morning I read that Jesus would often slip away to pray. Convicting...and a good perspective shifter.

  3. love this. it's easy to get away from reading these life changing words at times but it's so vital to our lives. i'm being wrecked right now by luke. have you ever heard of soaping?

  4. I like the honesty in this post. There were a lot of times in the gospels were Jesus sought out solitude but the only time i think he was truly lonely was on the cross and possibly the days leading up to the cross. I hope you are not too lonely. You have a lot of people who love you dearly. Me and Ali are on the top of that list. As always, enjoy your writings and honesty.

  5. I needed this reminder.
    i'm such a lazy bum, and i love being reminded that i'm not the only one who gets off track sometimes.
    thanks for the kick in the pants! :)


  6. I am reading in James these days. I heard recently that James could be put on post-it notes and it's very true. A random but very TRUE book. A great read!

    I get up at 5:30 every morning (m-f) to read. Some (read MOST) mornings I'm d-ragging! But I feel SO much better having started with God. :)

  7. oh, this speaks to my heart. I broke up with my Bible recently too and am JUST starting to get back into it. Such a good way to describe it. Thankful for a bloggy accountability partner who emails me things like "Have you read your Bible yet today? If not, then GET OFF THE COMPUTER!"

    Seriously, need that kick in the butt sometimes!

  8. That God wants us to be united. United in mind, in love. Oneness. And yet, as I look around the body of Christ I wonder how. So much diversity in theology, which I am okay with, but where do we draw the line? Where do we have a blurry line? Where do we unite? How do we demonstrate oneness?

  9. i love your honesty in this post. keep it up!!

  10. p.s. what's your Instagram name?? mine is lovelyladypilot

  11. good for you friend.
    love this.


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