March 22, 2011

{are you the hare or the tortoise?}

while out doing a little consignment shopping for the kiddos i came across the book

::the hare and the tortoise::

i couldn't resist it as it is one of the few stories i remember from childhood. eisley was super excited to receive it. she loves books just like her mama.

at bed time we snuggled up close and began reading. once we finished, my four year old, in typical fashion, began asking questions.

eisley: why did the tortoise win the race?
me: well the hare got distracted.
eisley: why did the hare get distracted?
me: because there were lots of things along his path that caught his eye and he forgot what he was supposed to be doing.
eisley: what were his distractions?

she asks a lot of questions. and i LOVE it.
what were his distractions?

then my mind began to drift away to all the things that distract me from my ultimate goal....bringing heaven to earth and teaching my children to do the same. that is my finish line. but too many times i am called away from that purpose by my wandering eyes.

i take the path that gets my belly full on things that hold no weight in this life. those things get heavy and cause me to slow down and even sleep when i should be racing toward the finish line.

so today. i refocus.

Lord, may our prayers be found in our actions today as much as they are found in these words. Amen. (the book of common prayer)


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  2. great post! we all need days to refocus! love that prayer at the end!


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