February 21, 2011

{what's your life verse?}

grace & peace


  1. geez there are so many fabulous one's i can't say i have a very absolute favorite but i do love psalm 91 {the whole chapter!} , it helped me overcome a lot of fear i used to experience!!

  2. the one that i constantly look to and have various places around my house is Jeremiah 29:11. love it.

  3. I never had a 'life verse' before I was dx with cancer...inside one of the get well cards was the verse, Jeremiah 29:11. I was and of course still am a christain even before this and so I looked up this verse and CLAIMED it! It meant so much to me as I was going through chemo to read, 'to give you hope and a future'...:)

  4. oh i love this video! derek webb is awesome. picking a life verse is a toughie...there are so many to choose from. i have always loved psalm 63:3.



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