February 15, 2011

::tutu's, minnie mouse, chic-fil-a {OH MY!}::

"the greatest gift i ever had came from god and i call him dad" 

i grabbed a sweater and matching leggings out of her closet.
when i turned around she was bent over rumaging though her {dress up clothes} looking for the perfect accessory.
her first pick was a silky red skirt.
but her outfit was pink so that wouldn't work.
next the frilly pink tutu she received for christmas.
yep that's the one.
she wiggled her tiny little tale into the tutu and....yep. perfect.
she was ready for her date.
her {daddy-date}.

she went out of her room to meet her handsome escort for the evening. they greeted one another, then he gave her the most beautiful bouquet of daisies and carnations. small and dainty just like our little princess. next he gave her a special minnie mouse for the occasion.

now this girl will go crazy for a minnie mouse....daddy knows her love language.

off they went.
chic-fil-a for fine dining.
pinkalicious ice-cream.
to top it all off....the {plaaaaaay areaaaaaa}!!!

he loves her.
he cares for her.
he shows her every day.
she will never have to search for love.
she knows what it looks like.
hopefully she will never settle for anything less than what her daddy has shown her.


  1. how sweet.
    this would be all the reasons my husband wants a little pink in our lives.

  2. Oh I love this! Our daughter is 7 months old, but my husband is determined to "date her." He figured that if she gets to go out on lots of "daddy dates" then she will have a pretty high standard for any future boyfriends :) what a wonderful valentine's day!

  3. precious and so true. a good father makes ALL the difference.

  4. so sweet! there is something about daddy and his little girl. precious and priceless!

  5. Precious, precious post! Such a sweet memory for them both!

  6. this is so adorable and sweet. i love it!!

  7. Oh Hi Melissa, I have just read all your 'how to keep the love alive's and then browsed your other posts - and I'm so glad that this was the last post I read - it's very moving:) Thanks for sharing! I hope you got a date night too? I'll be back to visit again! You can visit me at http://louandjane.blogspot.com/ Jane:)

  8. Such a cute post!
    Love it!

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  9. Oh how sweet! I think most daddy's know their girls' love language.

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    Your newest follower from the {in}courage community.

  10. i stumbled across your blog, and this post is so sweet. it definitely made me tear up thinking about my dad. we had our teenage year bumps, but here i am, almost 22, and he's my favorite guy in this world, still...just as he was when i was 2, 8, and 12.


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