February 3, 2011

{things i love thursday}

he says it with devious enthusiasm every time
"want some oreo's?"

i immediately want to say no....my waistline begs me to say no.
but my heart....well it says "yes!"

yes i want this moment with him.
snuggled into our bed.
milk in hand and a bag of oreo's between us.
sometimes no words are spoken.
just dip, hold, bite...repeat.
we are close.
we are on the same page.
we are savoring our moments together.

[savor:: to give oneself to the enjoyment of]

what are you savoring today?


  1. Hmmmm . . . right now? I'm coffee. ;D

    Have a wonderful day, Melissa.

  2. Fun and making me want Oreos.
    Who says you can't eat Oreos for breakfast?

    {I'm new here and glad to have found you!}

  3. Well, first of all, your waist can totally handle it :) Second, I can just hear him tempting you! That man loves some Oreos.

  4. i love oreos and i love, love, LURV Trader Joe's Candycane Joe Joes!!! nom nom nom. i had them for lunch yesterday!!! xoxo

  5. loooove this post. we are oreo fanatics too. i should probably say no more often & opt for granola but...who cares?!

  6. savoring the entire day. because they are over all too soon...


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