February 4, 2011

{i heart blissdom::better late than never right?}

i have totally been procrastinating with my {blissdom recap}.
i've spent this entire week thinking over all that i heard and experienced. it's kind of hard to put into words.

when someone asked me where i was going, i said i'm going to a {blogging conference}. her response was,"oh you mean for the poetry and stuff you write?"
i giggled a little under my breath and said "yes."
(note:: i've never written poetry on my blog and only once in my journal)

blissdom 2011: think big. be bold. create your bliss.

i had the privilege of meeting tons of other moms/bloggers/crafters/writers. i was a little intimidated by their talent and success in this world. but also encouraged and inspired by their love for what they do and for others.

so i'll just tell you about a few of my favorites.

1. ruthanne of the eclectic whatnot :: a.k.a. "the snorter"

let me tell you people she is genuine. to the core. friendly and funny to boot. she makes adorable, soft, touchy-feely, camera straps. i totally want one...even though she's a nikon girl {wink}. she even let me take a picture with her fancy-shmancy camera.

2. jessica of allora handmade

before blissdom i had talked with jessica via email a couple of times. while listening to matt kearney {yep he was there, live...like 20 feet from me. i'd never heard of him but he was really good} little miss jessica herself comes right up to me to say hi. she's a doll guys and a tiny little thing too. she's super sincere and completely endearing.

3. april of funky vintage kitchen

another doll that is simply beautiful and funny and stylish. ummm...yeh i totally want her wardrobe. oh and p.s. she has like NO wrinkles...none. nada. zip. {yes i hate her too}.

4. amber of the run amuck 

amber is delightful. she is the mom to three boys and carrying #4. wow! she is passionate in her demeanor and her writing. and she has the cutest hair cut ever! wish i could pull it off but those of you who know me....you know why i can't {wink}.

5. alison of aPearantly sew

i could not do this post without mentioning my sweet friend and roommate for blissdom, alison. of course i knew her before blissdom. we go waaaay back. pre-baby even....if such a thing exists:) she is super talented. a self-taught crafter/sewer (i know that i should probably say seamstress but i just like the word *sewer* mmmkay?). she loves the crafting world and all things lovely and has a great eye creating beautiful things.

there were lot's of sessions and speakers at this conference. but my two favorites are these guys:

scott stratten of unmarketing is hilarious. his keynote speach had me laughing until i was crying. my favorite funny quote of his
{"do you know who i think i am??!!"}
and for serious
{"people do business with people they like."}

brene brown of ordinary courage is totally inspiring. she encouraged us to ask ourselves {who do i want to be?} and followed up with {"believe in your own worthiness."}

i came home
{thinking big}
{trying to be more bold}
{with the creative juices flowing}
and even if you weren't at blissdom...i encourage you to do the same!

it kind of all reminds me of that episode of friends where phoebe and rachel go running in the park. phoebe just lets it all loose and enjoys the moment. i want to be more like phoebe. how about you?


  1. So glad you had a good time, lady! Wish I could have been there xx

  2. You are the best :) I had a great time hanging out with you! It was nice to have a few days away, just us girls. Oh, and your comment about the haircut made me laugh. You know that's all in your head, right? You could totally pull off that haircut!

  3. You are cooler than I ever dream of being. I had such a good time, too, and I'm so glad we got to meet.

    Thanks for encouraging me!

  4. Melissa, you were a totally doll too. I was so excited to meet both you and Alison. I loved that we got to chat, but wanted more time with you.

    You are one pretty stylish girl yourself. And, there is a curse to the no wrinkles....oily skin! I'm shiny all the time and in EVERY picture. :)

    Nice Blissdom re-cap. I have been putting mine off too. More because it makes me sad to still not be there.

  5. I heart Mat Kearney. Like a lot.
    I need you to start doing poetry on your blog.

  6. Great re-cap!!! Wish I could have heard Scott Stratten! Sounds awesome! :)

  7. i need to go next year...

  8. Melissa, it was awesome to meet you at Blissdom, although briefly! This is my first visit to your site...love it! :D


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