January 21, 2011

{you want to know what i love??}

the weekend.
i look forward to the weekend more than ever these days.
time to focus on family and friends and all the lovely things in life.

right now i'm just going to pretend that i don't have an overflowing (to the floor) laundry basket and dirty floors and bathrooms.

dream with me...mmmkay?

where was i? ahem...oh yes...the weekend.

so tonight, in honor of the weekend, jacob and i have planned some special one on one time with the coopster. after little man goes to bed we will be playing...drum roll please...

{pretty pretty princess}

this was a christmas gift from aunt stacy and i have put it away saving it for a special time like tonight when we can make a big deal out of it and have a great time ---> {FAMILY FUN NIGHT} is what we like to call it. and we say it all loud with arms in the air every time.

i will also be attempting to make {XOXO SMORES} found over at the idea room. if it is a huge failure then i will just make regular ol' smores. eisley will be in heaven either way.

saturday will be another day full of much needed family time. i see dinosaurs and homemade tents in my future.

what's in your future?


  1. Life at yours sounds sweet, Melissa. I love weekends too. I'm spending mine getting a haircut (going to go as short as I can :eep:) and hopefully having afternoon tea.

    Hope you're well, lovely xoxo

  2. I saw the xo smores and want to make those too. I just have to find some molds.

  3. hi there! i'm a new follower and i just thought i'd say hello. :) your store is full of wonderful goodies and your blog has wonderful posts. it's one of those moments where i'm like " yesssssss a new blog to follow to distract me from working!" love those. ~Laura


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