January 24, 2011

{one word::2011::the journey begins}

i can already feel it.
chapter one.

one thousand gifts by ann voskamp

[gift]::something given volunarily without payment in return, as to show favor towards someone

there are more than a thousand i'm certain.
but i will start this journey of recognition today.
one thousand gifts.
one thousand blessings.
one thousand instances to bring things into perspective.
to take my mind off of the {foxes that ruin the vineyard of love}

#1 baby giggles: they echo from wall to wall in our home and make my heart leap for joy.

#2 eyelashes that tickle my nose with each goodnight kiss.

#3 a little girl that is beginning to understand living like jesus.

#4 a hot cup of coffee

#5 a place of worship...so welcoming

#6 date night filled with hand holding and stolen kisses

#7 a four year olds bed covered with minnie mouse's and dinosaurs and a little tot found right in the middle

#8 this season

#9 warm feet that touch mine through the night

#10 books that bring encouragement and new perspective

you cannot complain and be thankful at the same time.
i will choose to be thankful.
minute by minute.
hour by hour.



  1. Beautiful post and certainly a gentle reminder to look at all the beauty around us:)

  2. My books on its way!! Can't wait to dig into it!! Thanks for this post..yes, beautiful!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that your posts really really inspire me! You have no idea!!!! <3 ya!


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