January 17, 2011

{you are beautiful...yes i'm talking to you sweet friend}

i say it every day, "you are so pretty eisley."
i think she is beautiful in every way.
in the back of my mind i think often...she needs to feel loved and beautiful and valued so she does not look for value in boys or other frivolous things.

she replied with her head hung low, "i'm not pretty mommy."

a wave of defense flew over this mama and i thought to myself: 
what? who told you that? where did this come from?
then i replied
"yes you are eisley. you are beautiful!"

i don't know where she picked it up. she's obviously repeating something she has heard from somewhere. but oh the emotion that came over me when i heard her say those words.

she is beautiful.
she is mine.
i love her to the moon and back.
i would give my life to save hers.

those words were painful for me to hear about my baby. someone who is part of me. she is a reflection of who i am.
as i pondered the conversation i wondered.... "is this how god feels when we put ourselves down."

when i bat away compliments?
jacob: "you look great!"
me: "i have got to get in shape."

me to a friend: "you look amazing!" (she just had a baby)
friend: "no i don't. the clothes hide it all."

you get the idea.

"i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made.
your works are wonderful.
i know that full well."
psalm 139:14

we must start believing we are wonderfully made girls.
we are wonderfully made.
our little ones need to see that we believe that.
so today, when someone pays you a compliment, resist the urge to knock it down. simply say, "thank you" and choose to believe it is true.

{you are fearfully and wonderfully made my friend!}


  1. This is a beautiful post Melissa! I am so bad about focusing on all the things I don't like about myself, rather than the good. It's a hard thing to do, but thanks for the reminder to focus on the good, to remember that we are His, that we are beautiful.

  2. One of my favorite verses. I love this. YOU are beautiful, my sweet friend <3 Oh and I totally meant to email you...your giveaway will be on my blog tomorrow :)

  3. What a beautiful post! I think we (we as in women) are so bad about focusing on the negative and not taking compliments well...thanks for the reminder! xo

  4. So true! Having a daughter makes me so aware of how I talk about myself.

  5. So happy to come across your blog. After reading your profile, I knew I liked you;) Such a beautiful post and know I will have to have the same conversations with my kids one day. You answered her perfectly!

  6. first off i LOVE your daughters name...second you are so right, i have a daughter as well and hope to instill these wonderful God truths in her.


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