January 14, 2011

{psst....i've got a secret....}

they sat together over a dinner prepared in celebration of a great accomplishment. 41 years together. when 1 out of every 2 couples will part ways at some point during their journey together...that's amazing.

{41 years}

but they cried.
she was missing a dear friend...her mother.
she asked why he was crying.
his response..."we won't have 41 more."

true love and sincere heartache for the years that won't be shared. not because of divorce or discord but because their time on this earth...in those bodies....is fleeting.

she said it with a sparkle in her navy blue eyes.
words like honey...sweet to my soul.
i asked..."what makes your marriage so sweet?"

{praise, my friend. praise.}

those words immediately took me to words i heard earlier in the week:

"it's easy to appreciate what we once had."
-shane hipps

the lesson that echoed in my mind:

{appreciate. be thankful. praise.}

what are you appreciating?
thankful for?
how can you praise those your love today?

grace and peace sweet friends,


  1. what a wonderful secret. thanks for sharing.
    praise. I don't give enough. To Him, or him.
    I will learn. I will give.

  2. What a wonderful story...great reminder :)

  3. my favorite line: "we won't have 41 more" precious. and "praise" how awesome is that?


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.