January 7, 2011

{savor :: to give oneself enjoyment of}

there aren't a lot of sweets around my house.
my kiddos are three and one.
they don't need sweets.
and they don't know to {desire} them.

but occasionally i will give eisley a {treat}.
it's in these moments that i learn so much about {savoring}.
whatever it is...popsicle, m&m, lollipop or in this case sweet cream...she sits down and takes her precious time with her treat.

what would take you or me a minute to eat takes her half an hour.
i sit in awe at the time she takes with each bite {lick}.
the taste.
the texture.
letting her mind process the pleasure of it all.
in between each bite {or lick} she will stop and say
{"mmmm....this is a sweet treat!"}
i love to watch her enjoy what has been given to her.
i find myself in the presence of sheer delight.
she is taking time to {savor} this gift.
and she is teaching me a lesson i didn't know i needed.

{savor}: sey-ver :: to give oneself the enjoyment of

savoring the moment leads to contentment.
savoring the moment makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

what are taking time to savor?


  1. Mmm...love this post! It is so powerful :)

    I too didn't grow up with many sweets/soda. I still find myself savoring them :)

    Have a wonderful weekend <333

  2. love this post!

    my mom used to let use do the same thing after she bake us a special treat! such sweet wonderful memories.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. great word & a great lesson!

  4. this was such a sweet (no pun intended) post and so creative.
    LOVE the photos!


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