November 29, 2010

{decorating + {hot chocolate}+ charlie brown}

no early morning shopping for this girl. nope. no sir-ie.
i woke at a decent hour, made breakfast for my darlings and coffee for the hubs.
we enjoyed a leisurely morning of play and snuggles.

later we picked up our christmas tree and came home to decorate while the little ones napped...saving the star for eisley to place. however, midway through the first strand of lights eisley made an appearance. she was too excited about the tree to sleep. so we let her stay up and help.

she decorated her own tree with the help of her minnie mouse. then at the end we let her place the star.

at christmas (halloween and thanksgiving too) we have a special FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT. i write it in caps because we always say it with exclamation! it's a big big deal to this little family.

after the tree was up and everything was back in it's place. i prepared for our HOT CHOCOLATE DATE!

now eisley doesn't get a lot of sweets so things like hot chocolate are super special to her. she savors every moment. she held her mug just like a grown up. she sipped it gingerly. we sat close. snuggled. enjoyed our drinks and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.

sweet memories.
forever treasured in my heart.
what does your family do to celebrate the holidays?


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.