July 22, 2013

:on that thing that we crave:

when you're young you resist it at all cost.
when you're older you crave it like an addict going through withdraw. you look forward to it like you would the arrival of a dear friend or christmas morning, even.

not just any old sleep, uninterrupted sleep.

the more children you have the less your chances of sleeping the night through. Naps? Ha!

each night it's the same. no one says it quite like glennon did in this post. 

bedtime is challenging on most days. yet it's not this challenge that leaves me wanting. it's the calling heard in the middle of the night. the one seeking reassurance of my presence. the one that just needs to know i'll come when she calls. the one that needs a prayer of peace. the one that needs a reminder of happy thoughts.

this is what keeps me living out the tired thirties.


i knew the tears would come. tiredness breeds tears in a lonely heart. our sleepover guest was missing her mommy as little ones do. the missing overshadowed the joy of it all. yet, i watched as my girl, the one that calls out for comfort night after night, became the comforter. she snuggled close to her lonely-heart-friend and whispered words of peace. she touched her side gently, lovingly, as a mother does. she wished sleep upon her weary body until sleep came.

gratitude washed over me as the lesson I didn't know I was teaching, was learned.

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  1. i can relate to her little friend. I like best to sleep at home also.


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