July 2, 2013

:on motherhood & superheroes:

he fights crime by day, donning the suit of blue and red and black, two feet too long. his sisters join him in the fight as super girls. they are bold and strong and fierce and brave. all the things i wish upon their lives and character for the days to come. hopeful this place in time is more of a prophesy of what's to come.

part of my mama heart wishes for them to be real life super heroes. 

like this one that speaks out for the broken and oppressed, shining light into dark places. or this one that rescue's little girls from a life that was never meant for them. or this one who has never given birth yet mothers thirteen girls.

i wish this for them knowing what this means for me.

once upon a time my mama put a twenty-something girl on a plane that flew her half way around the world. i don't remember an expression of tears or fears, only the loving and pushing and believing that if this was my place, she would trust in Him. i tucked that lesson away in my i'm-never-having-children-heart for this time and place in a full coffee shop, three children at home, fighting back tears, of remembering and believing just as she did.

when the days seem long and hard and mundane, i am reminded of my calling, raising real life super heroes. 

when they are sick and i hold them close, brushing their hair away from baby faces whispering prayers of health and humming songs of comfort, they are learning the super power of nurturing.

when they are angry and i speak gentleness, teaching them to use their words and minds to problem solve, they are learning the super power of peacemaking.

when they are hurting and i give way to silliness, at all costs, for laughter, they are learning the super power of joy.

when i'm exhausted only wanting to fall into the coziness of the couch for a moments rest and they say, mama come play with me? and i do, they are learning the super power of selflessness.

when a friend comes into town and wants to visit and the house hasn't been cleaned in days, okay weeks, and the refrigerator is bare and we fly into our teamwork a.k.a. cleaning and bake something yummy, they are learning the super power of hospitality.

this is my journey.
this is my calling.
this is my legacy.

mama's stand firm in the storms of sleepless nights and tantrums for it is in the midst of these days our super heroes are formed. 

*just writing with heather 


  1. This was delightful. Parenting is a job where you are "ON" all the time. They are constantly learning and evolving. I like the idea that we are raising our own unique super heroes.

  2. Those little super heroes learn their ways from the Mother of all superheros: SUPER Mommy!

    Great post. :)

  3. Love this. Yes. Raising little heroes, we are. xo

    1. oh ha! that's me, Heather EO. I'm also planning my twenty year high school reunion. Apparently I'm logged in!

  4. Dear Melissa
    What a legacy! It might seem small in our eyes, but our Lord does not! He is quite the homemaker.
    Much love XX

  5. Absolutely stunningly beautiful :)

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  7. LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing!

  8. LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So so thankful I've found your blog. You are a fantastic and gifted writer and an inspiration. Cheers to new blog friends! :)


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