March 18, 2013

:the only option is to overflow:

saturdays are family days start to finish around here. the sun fills the sky early with pink and purple swirls. the weather forecast speaks my love language with its promise of seventy degrees. we sipped our coffee as usual while the children enjoyed early morning television, a privilege saved for weekends.

i packed lunch for everyone while jacob loaded the van with bikes and helmets for our day at the park. the wind blustery, but the children didn't care. they delighted in the time to let loose and make new friends. eisley, my little extrovert, waves to another girl on a bicycle and says "you want to ride with me?" bold and loving, that one.

after hours of play we made our way home so the little ones could nap. if only they knew what a blessings naps can be. someday you will see, kiddos, someday. 

during nap eisley and i took off for mommy-daughter adventures. we spent time looking at plants and thinking about our garden to be planted soon. we have big plans for homesteading this summer. after perusing every single plant and flower she picked out a a special flower to bless someone we love.

next up, the coffee shop for treats. she spoke politely to the baristas and fell in love with the one wearing make-up. this girl loves some make-up, forever asking to add blush to those already perfectly colored cheeks.

we sat and talked, sharing stories. she loves for me to tell the same stories over and over again. like that one time i was playing with my friend in the garage and a snake slithered across the door. we were so afraid we screamed for our mommy's. they came to the rescue, chopping off that snakes head and we lived happily ever after. tell it again mommy, she will say. so i begin again.

i lost count of how many times she said, i love you mommy, while offering a bite of her marshmallow bar. taken back by her overflow of love and happiness i dwelled on those moments. i pondering them in my heart, as a mother does, until an epiphany of sorts arose. she pours out love because she feels love. 
she can't help it. she is so full, her only option is to overflow. 

i think of the number of times jesus spoke of love for others.
when we pour out love to those around us, they fill up and overflow and so on and so on.
"small things with great love," heaven to earth, amen.

let us be known by our love today.

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  1. This sounds like a perfect Saturday! I can't wait to have those conversations with my kids and can only hope that they overflow with the same love. Says a lot about her parents. ;-)

  2. This is bursting at the seams with love. Its warmth overflowing, too. Just adore this! I am glad I stopped by today.


  3. yes, amen. small things with great love - this is the calling we have as parents. Our children remind us of the power of the small gesture, the apt word, the light touch of grace.

  4. You NEED a picture wall, and this one should be in it! :)


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