January 2, 2013

:13 in 2013:

"isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
- l.m. montgomery

when the world is spinning and chaos ensues, consuming, this is the gift that breathes new life into my weary soul. 

a new day with no mistakes.
a clean slate.

as the year turns over i am quieted with the gift of this time with no mistakes. no tempers lost or words to regret. no moments missed or lack of patience exposed. no selfishness. no hurt feelings. no guilt. only chance and opportunity, an open invitation to all.

with each new year comes resolution. intentions set in place. a heart full of hope. we are all on this journey of hopefulness, ever evolving into holiness. lets walk together, encouraging one another towards love that reveals itself in the doing. 

>>>>> 13 in 2013 <<<<<

1. do for one what i cannot do for all. 
i took this goal directly from shane's post. it perfectly suits what is constantly on my 
heart so i will join him in this calling.

2. send cards weekly as an act of love and encouragement.
 showing just how wide and long and high and deep is the love of christ.

3. say yes more than i say no. 

4. laugh with my children when it is most difficult to do so.

5. live with less.

6. speak less. 
in our recent readings of little house in the big woods, there was mention of how pa spoke 
very little so when he spoke his words carried great weight.

7. focus on the good in others. 

8. invest in my community.

9. see and nurture the specific interests of my children.

10. get outside more.

11. write every day even if i never hit publish.

12. play. 

13. live in grace.

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