December 10, 2012

:the one where we love is just a word:

i came across this quote and sat silent starring at the screen for ages. the words sank deep to a place invisible to the naked eye. the place where things stick, taking root and have meaning.

if i am the one to give love meaning, i wonder what my children think of love? my neighbors? the grocery store workers? my husband? my family?


it was a perfect day for an outdoor party, out of character for December. the sun was overcast with a blanket of clouds, swept along by the wind that added a bit of a chill at times. the children ran and played and squealed like it was the middle of summer. children do not care about hot nor cold, neither will hinder their playtime.

eisley ran around with a couple of kiddos a tad older than her. she is drawn to the older kids. they climbed high to the top of a pergola and sat, legs swinging, chatting like adults over coffee, for the longest time.

noticing their height, i said to the other mothers, does this make you nervous? it didn't. i'm a worrier at times, overly cautious, overly concerned to a fault. my mind often goes to ugly places that show me pictures of her falling and breaking her arm, leg or neck. i blame this morbidity on Final Destination. i should have never watched that darn movie.

within moments the bigger kids shimmied their way down the pergola and ran off to play. my little one left alone. she loves to climb and be adventurous but this was overwhelming even for her. she called for me and i jogged over, every part of my being wanting to sprint like a cheetah. 

once i got to her i realized the pergola was significantly higher than it looked. trying to keep my cool i climbed up thinking why did i wear these stupid tall boots to the park. reading the fear in her eyes and knowing i could not safely get on top of that contraption and get down with her, i attempted to coax her into climbing down with my instruction. it was a no-go as she fought back tears. i yelled to a friend for some help knowing that even between the two of us this was a very dangerous situation.

then a call from another part of the park, do you need some help?

a young dad playing with his son saw our distress and came to our rescue. as i watched him scale the pergola and careful place one of my most valuable treasures in his arms, bringing her down to safety, it clicked.

this is love.

that man did not know us, yet he rescued us. he gave love meaning.

let us give love meaning to someone today.

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  1. Love this. Oh dear, I would've been nervous, too. Little things can make the biggest difference!

  2. God bless helpful strangers!
    PS I'm so glad that your little one is okay!! :)

  3. WOW - LOVE this post!! what a great mental picture.

  4. i just always love your blog so much! this was beautiful.


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