November 8, 2012

:the one where i talk politics:

in the days preceding the election my heart felt heavy. i'm a fan and frequent user of social media but in regards to politics it became down right poisonous, spewing venom in every direction. well meaning people writing ugly, hateful things in the name of jesus. i felt anger in my heart more than once for insults voiced that i took personal.

conversations and studies involved the election process. we watched shows, thank you very much PBS for using Martha Speaks and Arthur to make politics tangible for my five year old. i took all three kiddos with me to vote so they could see first hand how things work. eisley asked questions and i answered them to the best of my ability. one day she expressed her desire for a particular candidate to win, who was not my choice. i asked her why and we had a conversation over snack about our political views. at the end of the talk we were still friends. she did not insult me, nor I, her.

as i thought back on our conversation i realized it would never occur to eisley to dislike me or lose respect for me because my views are different from hers. i am still the same mommy that makes her breakfast every morning and comforts her when she is scared at night. who we vote for does not change who we are. it is not a barometer for worth.

so the day after the election i avoided social media as a whole. instead of fuming over statements out of my control and making unnecessary judgements....

we baked.

we colored pilgrims.
we giggled.
we blessed friends and family.
we ate lots of pumpkin bread.
we took pride in hard work.
we solidified our forever friendship, in spite of our differences with love, laughter and lollipops.

let us go on loving one another.


  1. I love this! Great peak into your political thought process(grace, fun, work, deep conversation, love) through your family's lense!

  2. Beautiful picture in words, Melissa. Oooh, and I don't want to wear you out but I might message to ask you a question. Maybe you can help me understand. It all makes me sad, as if I'm grieving for so much I've known. For so many lives lost. I've got to stop glancing at my own picture of what we were and what we "should be". I do better when I keep my eyes and hope steadfastly on Jesus, and yet I do live right here in my skin. With eyes and ears and feelings.

    Oh, never mind. I won't trouble you with my questions. Why should I add to your sadness, if you're not thinking of the same?

    1. i'd love to hear your question Janet:))))

  3. love this post & all of the pictures. i could not have said this better! no really .. i couldn't have - you write beautifully :) i seriously dislike how the anonymity of the internet allows people to think it's okay to hide behind their screens spewing hatred & down right mean words at people merely based on how they feel or what they believe. .. i avoided & ignored social media the past few days too! oh & by the way -- your kids are the absolutely cutest!

  4. p.s. I heard on klove the other day that baking can actually lift your spirits :)_


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