October 5, 2012

:the one where we are living in the in-between moments:

she came out of her room bursting at the seams to go outside and play. clothes flew everywhere as she searched, as if for gold only more so, for her tutu and leotard. she found them, donned them along with her stuffed hoot owls and fox, and made her way into the sunshine.

i watched her participate in pretend ballet class, only getting up when the teacher called, in her own high pitched-pretend-teacher voice. she twirled and pirouetted her best pirouette all around the driveway to the music only she could hear. i watched in awe at the joy found in this simple act, taking pictures in my mind, praying dear lord pleeeeease let me remember this.

blue skies over head with only a few clouds floating by.
sun bright and peeking through the big oak tree, dancing on her olive colored skin.
hair braided to the side.
bare tip-toes.
poise and grace protruding.

this is how we live, in the in-between-moments.

in-between meals and dishes.
in-between laundry and floors.
in-between diapers and potty training.
in-between finances and follies.
in between hurt and healing.
in-between drop offs and pick ups.
in-between laughter and tears.

stealing kisses.
making memories.
treating others how we want to be treated.
reading endless amounts of books.
writing poetry.
creating art.
learning that love covers all.
discovering that two really are better than one.
loving our neighbors and friends with actions, not just words.

yes, the in--between moments. i'll take each one.


shop news: i have some adorable  little woodland friends ready to be flown off to a special home. you can find them here.


  1. What beautiful words Melissa! "yes, the in--between moments. i'll take each one." Love that!!

  2. Such a lovely post! Love the in-between moments!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather


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