September 6, 2012

:the one where it is so much more than coffee:

running late already i hop in the car and pull out my camera to check the settings as we drive. i forgot my memory card, goooo baaaaack! she whips into the next driveway turning around without one complaint. she knows my love affair with photographs. capturing moments. freezing time.

grande iced caramel macchiato please. i hand over both my arm and leg in exchange for a few sips of cold caffiene. instantly reminded of how i feel about spending that kind of money on coffee these days. i don't have to have it and actually like it better at home.

we pull two tables together and squeeze under the umbrella already in place to hide from the heat. friends arrive. we smile and hug and settle in to get aquainted. one tells us about her children and their latest antics and another does the same. we talk about cloth diapers and vacations and cooking. we laugh and sigh the sighs of i am not alone.

lives so different yet intersecting on the common ground of motherhood. no matter of left wing, right wing, believer, non-believer. simply mothers on a journey connecting over poop and breastmilk and coffee.

my head hit the pillow hard that night. i turned over the laughter and honesty shared, falling asleep thankful that where we are gathered together, He joins and blesses.


  1. Gosh, it looks like you had fun! I hope to join you all next time!

  2. I love this :) I'm so thankful for these friendships.

  3. I'm going to echo Mamie-girlfriends are the best! I get together with my bff every week. It is a life saver. It is soul time and I feel refreshed.

  4. love this! & i had so much fun the other day - so thankful to have met you girls & look forward to more coffee dates :)

  5. so playgroup girls and I schedule a monthly coffee night. We've since upgraded it to coffee night only when it isn't a birthday month and in that case we do dinner (and there are 6 moms- so dinner is a nice treat every other month or so). Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jealous. Of all of you. x1000
    See you at Influence? Yes? No? Maybe?


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