July 27, 2012

::the one where we celebrate the little guy::

People say it all the time. Cliche but so true.

Where does the time go?

I could swear it was yesterday I was laying on the couch holding my belly with one hand and clinching Jacob's with the other as labor warned of his coming. The next day I was holding that seven pound ball of fire and had no idea how much joy he would bring to our family.

With the first born you are certain there is no way your heart could possibly have room for another. I wrestled with that fear.

How will I ever love him as much as her?

Love is infinite if you will let it be. It seeps in, fills up and overflows. It divides and multiplies. There is always enough and some left over.

We took that love for the boy and poured it on for his birthday. The annual reminder of how precious and fleeting these years can be. He has been asking for planes for months. Jacob and I bought two planes for his enjoyment. Packaged them and placed them at his breakfast seat. We blew up balloons to fill the hallway and streamers to cover his door.

He woke up and ran to open his presents, delighted in his new toys, the long awaited planes. He squealed and jumped around joyfully while we took it all in. He inhaled his cheerios and jumped down to play. He gave me one plane and said my favorite words, "play with me mommy!"

We skipped around the kitchen taking our planes on an adventure of sorts. I towered over his small frame and thought of the days that will come too quickly, him towering over me.

Repeatedly thoughout the day he would stop and say, "thank you to my plane mommy!"

Eisley woke up and joined the celebration. Balloons and planes a flyin'. She smothered him with love, generosity and birthday singing. Today, they are the best of friends, a mothers dream.

Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy.
You are loved forever and always.


  1. happy birthday little man!! our little man turns 4 on sunday & i am having the same emotions & memories running through my mind! glad he had such a wonderful day! :)

  2. Melissa, You warm my heart. I hope that one day I am close to the warm, educated, sweet, loving, caring, and imaginative mother that you are. You were meant to be a mother.


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