May 17, 2012

::thoughts on motherhood [the one where the students become the teachers]::

i'm going to be an artist when i grow up mommy.
she's full of heart this one god gave me first. she loves people and animals, her baby sister and at times her little brother. she is the grace giver, a peace maker, my all-in little girl. she does not meet strangers and speaks to everyone she sees. she has a love for all things beautiful and making art with paint, markers or crayons. she thinks of others often running to the table to create something we can mail to brighten their day. she prays often and asks hard questions that stump even daddy. she is tender and compassionate. she reaches out. she shows herself to be friendly and has lots of friends. she is teaching me to be more like jesus.

can i hold my taggy wiffout sucking my fumb?
he's a ball of fire full of energy and passion. my middle child, the boy. he is beautiful with eyes that melt the heart. he's rambunctious and wild. he has energy i would like to bottle up for myself. he looks up to his older sister and protects the tiny one. he loves and he loves hard. he is his mama's boy, unless his daddy is around and then i don't exist.  he loves cars, trucks, trains and dinosaurs. he is the shy one, unlike his sister. he needs time to warm up to his surroundings and people. he is hard headed and at times defiant. so much like his mother. determined. i am certain that one will take him far. he will do what he sets his mind to do. it is my call to direct his mind to higher things. he is teaching me to seek more of jesus.

rohen mae
she has changed this heart of mine. making quite the entrance into this world, with only a single push, i should have know we were in for adventure. a week in the NICU drew me to prayer and trusting more than ever. she reminded me that i am not in control, though i sure try to be. she's the tiny one with the same blue eyes as the other two. she looks right into me at times and i'm sure she can read my thoughts. she's a happy girl, trading smiles for attention. she wants to talk, already like her mother, sweet sounds she makes when you tell her about your day. she's easy and passive, as i hear most third born are. she adores the two big kids and they already share secrets. she is my jarius story. i can only dream what will become of her with hope and excitement. she is teaching me to trust more of jesus.

what are you learning from your little ones?

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