April 16, 2012

::my kid would never do that::

six kids five and under. six.
i wear one and we chase the other five.
three in the kiddie pool decide it would be fun to have a mud bath and proceed to mix dirt from the garden with the pool water. gross, but they are in heaven and not fighting or crying or pouting or whining so whatevs. the little ones bounce from the slide to the sandbox to the trampoline.

twenty-seven stories are started and never finished between the mamas.
we laugh at the chaos and say, "remember when it was just us?"

no desire to change the present only finding it humorous to think of uninterrupted conversations.

dinner is ready!

thank god for warm weather, the grill, the fact that i don't know how to work it and good men that take pride in a fire grilled hamburger.

i lay a blanket in the floor in front of the tv for the kids. surely with three at the tv and one asleep we can talk over dinner. ha! we take turns delivering more cheetos and filling milk cups. questions are asked and either partially answered or not answered at all because we can't remember the question when we finally get back to a moment where no one needs anything.

the kids finish eating and go play in the bedroom and she tells the story that makes me teary and nervous and thankful all at the same time. for a moment, there is quiet among the tinies. but come on mama, quiet among tinies most often indicates mischief.

one came to the table and said something about another one "peeing in the vent."
i brushed it off like, whatever, my kid would never pee in the vent. but the mister went to check things out and sure enough, it was my kid peeing in the vent. ummmmm.....

i have no words.

the evening ends with hugs and kisses, unfinished conversation and plans to have a no-kids outing in the future. we put the kids to bed, i tidy the house a bit,  basking in the beauty of it all, thankful. encouraged that we are not alone in this journey.

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  1. So true to life. I love your creative delivery of an everyday parenting experience. Visiting from The Better Mom. Blessings!

  2. Love this post because I can totally relate! Visiting from The Better Mom.

  3. Ahhh peeing in the vent? OKay I can totally picture my Judah doing that only bc he has an obsession with sticking everything into our vents! Its our number one (time to sit in time out time) bc he won't stop.

    This post, everything your family does together, the start up of dinner conversations that never really finish but etches memories of laughter in your heart. Its perfect. You have a wonderful family. You are blessed

  4. Oh my goodness I did not know you had 6 children Melissa! What full days you must have, ...how cool, but wowza , never a dull moment haha like you shared here with the vent!!! ahahahahaha....................

    love your new little design too, it's cute :)

  5. Hello could I pour down the drain some of the contentedness from this despatch if I identify with back to you?


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