March 27, 2012

::that thing we search for smooth skin to wrinkles::


she came running in smiling ear to ear.
"he called me my eisley!"

i giggled and said "yes you are his eisley. he loves you so much."
she smiled a knowing smile and ran back to her room to play.

we all desire it
we want to be claimed.
we want someone to want us. to call us "my," "mine," "beloved."
we search for it smooth skin to wrinkles.
this quest, that consumes yet hides in the darkness, paves the way to contentment or demise.

he looked me in the eyes when he said the words that were untrue.
"i love you."
he didn't.
i didn't love him either. i loved the idea of being in love with him.


seven years later those words resurface. but this time, this one, means it.
he loved me for a while from a distance and has promised to love me forever.
i love.
i am loved.
i am his.

can she skip the untrue?
can she skip the heartache and go straight to the bliss of true love and the promise of forever?

i know the answer. 
so i will show her love at all cost along the way. i will call her "my," "mine," and "beloved," in hopes that she will recognize the lie and wait for the truth.

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  1. So beautiful! I was just thinking about that w Judah today. Can I skip all the future heartache to bring him to the point of where he knows He is loved fully, accepted and doesn't have to meet the standards or approval of his peers. I pray daily for the Lord to protect my sweet sons heart from the world.

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