January 5, 2012

::i'm done with the talk::

in describing myself i would like to say:

i stand up for injustices
i speak out for the oppressed
i feed the hungry
i clothe the poor
i comfort the downtrodden
i offer compassion to those in need
i house the homeless
i mother the orphan

those are the things i am passionate about. those are the things that i think on regularly. i would like to say that i am a person that does all of the above. but the truth of the matter is that for far too long i have simply talked about these things. i talk about the need. i think about the need. but i do nothing to meet the need.

this year my one word will be {ACT}.

i'm done talking the talk. it's time to walk the walk.
it's time to put faith into action, become jesus with skin, to find my own calcutta.

each week i have a place in my planner titled: {ACT OF SERVICE}.
each week i will seek out ways that i can meet the needs of others and serve others in my community. some things i am hopeful to accomplish:

  • make a meal for a tired friend
  • volunteer at the battered womens shelter
  • provide diapers & wipes to the homeless shelter families
  • find someone that needs a coat (i'm ashamed to say how many are in my closet right now)
  • make cards with the kiddos & deliver them to a local assisted living
  • send cards each week
  • babysit for someone
  • educate myself on social injustices
this year i plan to {ACT}.

what is your one word?


  1. great word! love it :) i'm sharing my word of the year tomorrow! i love the specific ways you plan to use it.

  2. This is beautiful- a bunch of kids from the high school I used to teach at are in Georgia right now attending Passion 2012. They have been teaching me, via their blog, so much about modern day slavery and how blind we are to it. It has ignited a real passion in me to ACT as well- to no longer be the by-stander. Can't wait to see how and where you choose to act!


    skin to skin with Jesus, I say and pray for the same thing! I use those exact words!
    I like your new header! Happy New Year!

  4. I am looking for your email and can not locate it, I am re-visiting your blog and am in love with your posts! I was reading the one when you asked about gentleness, so i wanted to respond in email...

  5. Such a great idea! I work at a Christ centered women & children's shelter in Lansing, MI. My view has changed so much on those less fortunate then I. God is working in amazing ways through those who donate & volunteer, they are so valued and appreciated so much!


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.