December 15, 2011

::handmade christmas [gift idea no.2]

want a super cute gift for super cheap?
well here you go....

{handmade coaster set}

set of 4 tiles ($.16 @home depot)
12x12 cardstock ($.49 @michaels)
mod podge ($10 for 16oz
matte sealer ($6 for 6oz
heavy duty felt pads ($2.99 @home depot)

step #1
brush a thin coating of mod podge on each of the tiles. so simple even the kiddos can jump in and help.

step #2
cut card stock into 4 4x4 squares and place one on each tile making sure to rub out bubbles.

step #3
brush a thin coating of mod podge on top of each piece of card stock

step #4
let mod podge dry for 15-20 minutes. during your wait grab a few photos of your darling children.

step #5
spray each tile with matte sealer

step #6
add felt adhesive to each corner on the back of the tile to protect furniture

step #7
bundle up in jute and ta-da! a handmade christmas gift for less than $5 a set

merry {handmade} christmas!


  1. love it! and i'm so glad you get to stay home!! ;)

  2. so fun! i made those a few years ago using disposable napkins...everyone loved them :)


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