June 17, 2011


i'm linking up with jeanette today for {instafriday} which is a fun way to share your
photos taken and filtered through instagram.

i actually didn't take many pictures this week so these are from the weekend.
clockwise from the left:

--> that's the darling girl hanging on my legs resting from demonstrating her mad swimming skills.
--> watermelon? yes please. all summer. thank you very much!
--> yes that's my boy floating over the slide. he's quite the dare devil. he jumps from the top of the slide into the pool. goes under water. gater rolls. no sweat.
--> squash from our garden. she's a little excited....only a little.

--> i had an engagement shoot and needed a little prop. so i whipped up that cute little {love} banner. super duper easy and it only took about 20 minutes.
--> and that's the lovely couple. so young. so in love. with the cute little banner.
--> sunday night i got to hear this guy (the hubs) speak on the good samaritan. it was a great lesson and a wonderful time of fellowship.
--> oh and on the way to hear him speak we grabbed a single grande caramel frappacino....yummmmmm.

so that was our weekend.
what do you have planned for the weekend??


  1. visiting from life rearranged. great pics.

  2. Ok...love love love the 'love' banner & the photo that resulted from it! Also love the watermelon picture, it's a summer favorite in our house as well! My hubs would eat a whole one himself if I'd let him! Ha!


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