June 3, 2011

::every day::

every day.
every day starts at 5am...or 5:30 depending on how many times i hit snooze.
not long after i find myself nuzzled in my favorite corner of the couch. coffee next to me.
bible and journal open ready to be filled.
soon i hear wiggles and giggles from the boy.
often pitter-patter of four year old feet coming to snuggle.
she melts into my arms and tells me her dreams, eyes wide.
every day.
i get to be their mom every day.
i look for magic....and so do they.


  1. Hey Melissa! Im so not a morning person...are your 5.00/5.30 starts easy or is I something you've had to work at?
    I really want to start doing that but I've wanted to start doing it for about a year!!
    Oh well, I love that you love it and I too love those first morning moments with my little cherubs!
    xx Stacey

  2. Wow - you weren't kidding! We do have similar posts and similar mornings. What a joy to be a Mom every day! (I am your newest follower too!)

  3. I love how we all start with coffee! Ha! A mama's best friend. Add to that a dose of the Word and time in the Spirit and you've got one fantastic every day morning. Of course, right now my 1-year-old son is my 5:30 alarm, and all I want to do is go back to sleep after nursing him. Heehee!

  4. Thanks for all the sweet comments this weekend, Melissa! I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to read more!


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