May 16, 2011

{{what a walk will do}}

today i am thankful for the pitter patter of tiny little feet.
the giggles that bellow and bounce against the trees.
the cheerfulness in their hearts.
hand-holding and picture taking.

the joy of throwing rocks in the water.

the running...oh the fun!
eating outside.

and of course a day wouldn't be complete without lots of hugs and kisses.
it all makes for a lovely family day that i will forever treasure.

what did you do this weekend?


  1. I spent time with family as well! Except our family time is spent at the ballfield -- my wonderful boyfriend has 4 beautiful children and they all play baseball or softball! So our weekends stay quite busy!

  2. We had a four year old birthday party! It was super fun and the Lord heard our prayers and brought the sun out. We planted seeds, hit a pinata, had cake, handed out baby trees, and got to hang out with my best friends from high school who came over from Durham. It was such a fun Saturday! Yours looks so delightful and peaceful. Your kids are darling!


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