April 28, 2011

:in the begining was a small country church:

it was an old country church with an old country preacher. he was precious and sincere. the church was full of older sincere people. but i was young. when you are young everyone is older and everyone is sincere because children tend to only see good in others.

the next was an old church..."free will" whatever that means. to me it meant i wasn't allowed to wear shorts to any church functions even if it was 95 degrees outside. it meant that along the way somewhere you really didn't have "free will" at all. if your belief system didn't fall in line with the leadership then you could leave.

the next was an old small church that grew into a really large church during the fifteen years i attended. the people were loving. i looked forward to the hugs i would receive on sundays. i looked forward to the friends i would see while i was there. i looked forward to seeing my family. i looked forward to teaching the teenagers i loved dearly. i did not, however, look forward to being told that the music we sometimes listened to had demons coming out. (underoath if you are curious) i did not look forward to being told that i had to sign bilaws committing to be at every single church service in order to continue working with youth as a volunteer when i had a six week old baby. i did not look forward to letters being sent to every young girls home telling them to use discretion when coming to my home for bible study.

the next was again an old small church full of precious people with servants hearts. we didn't stay there long. we knew our lives were taking a different direction. so we moved on.

we didn't go anywhere for a while. i had no desire to go anywhere for a while. sometimes i still have no desire to go. but i am seeking. i desire to be part of the church. part of community. part of the body. we desire that our children learn about the love of jesus and the example he led for us with his life. we desire to serve and love and encourage others no matter what belief system they hold. we desire to bring peace  to those we encounter and an end to injustices we see. we desire to bring heaven to earth.

where are you on your journey of faith?
tell me about your church.


  1. Found you from "Chatting At the Sky!" I'm a fellow coffee drinker and daughter of the King.

    So glad I found your blog! :)

  2. wow what a journey you've been on! underoath was one of my hubs favorites! he was in metal bands in his early years and actually was in a band with some of the guys from fall out boy before they became "fall out boy" : ) anyhooo... it breaks my heart to hear stories like this. i hate when churches are so "religious" that they end up turning people away. my dad has been my pastor for 23 years! he started our church when i was 4 and i love it. my hubs and i are the generational pastors {jr. high to young adults} and we are so passionate about it! i know there is a church out there for you that is the perfect fit! he will lead you to it!

  3. this was an awesome read. right now i am streaming church online but i miss fellowshipping. however i would rather be able to develop a relationship with Christ than going through religious motions.

  4. There is a church out there for everyone. You have to keep searching... God will provide for you the ultimate church "family". That is what a body of believers in Christ should be- a family. Seek God and He will lead the way. Happy church home searching!


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