March 9, 2011

::loving god & loving others:: take #2

monday i wrote a post entitled ::you might NOT be a christian if::
i touched on the topic of relationship with god.
how one doesn't look like anothers.
it is your individual, unique, special {relationship}

so i have asked rachel of No.17 cherry tree lane to give us her take on
::loving god & loving others::

Love God translates into Love Others.

The idea of loving God is so much more than just a one-on-one relationship. When I think about loving God, instantly thoughts of "morning devotions, worship CD's, Bible studying" jump into my mind. I think about cultivating my personal relationship with the Lord and weaving it into my daily life. Living "in love" with Christ.
That is what "Loving God" can look like to me.
But, when I REALLY think about it....Loving God IS loving others.

Loving ALL of the person.
Loving the good, the bad the ugly.
Loving the unlovely.
Loving the non-Christian.
Loving the angry and bitter.
Loving someone who doesn't love you.
Loving people who are difficult.

When Jesus was walking the earth, He didn't cherry-pick who He would love. He loved freely and without reservation. Because that is what God IS. He IS love. He loves all. In spite of them
So...if I call myself a Christian. If I claim to love the one that is love Himself....I must love others.

No picking.
No choosing.
No holding back.

Just love.
All love.

he did't cherry pick who he would love.
i love that statement. loved just flowed out of jesus. he genuinely loved people. all of them.

how are you loving god and loving others today?


  1. this is SO VERY TRUE. we must love. and really love. even if we don't always like. even if we don't agree. we MUST love. cause we are loved by Him even when we aren't likeable and agreeable.

    thanks for sharing!


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