December 9, 2010

{things i love thursday}

**my sweet friends and secret santa**

{please excuse the poor quality pictures- inside, at night, with a point and shoot=blah}

this year, since amanda went and had these adorable little dolls...{yes twins!!}
{aren't they gorgeous??}

...and made things all uneven with the whole drawing names with the kiddos, we decided to do

{secret santa}
with just us girls.
fun! fun!

i thought i had everyone figured out.
but i didn't.
to my great surprise little miss ali little {yes, your favorite and mine from aPearantly sew} had my name all along. now i would have been happy for any of the girls to have my name because they all have super great taste and are great gift givers. but alison shares my love for all things handmade. and girls....she did NOT disappoint!

now several months ago i spotted this {don't buy me flowers rosette statement bracelet} by {allora handmade}. i made one simple comment about how much i loved it and my sweet friend remembered and {LOOK!}

yep! that's mine. isn't it lovely??

{happy thursday friends}

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  1. This post made me so happy. That bracelet is *beautiful*. I love Allora Handmade. But I don't love international shipping :)


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