December 13, 2010

{the most precious gift we can give}

"one of the most precious gifts we can offer is to be a place of refuge, to be {sabbath} for one another."
-wayne muller
sabbath: finding rest, renewal and delight in our busy lives

i held my cup of coffee and she held her cup of ice cream.
our bodies nuzzled into opposite ends of the couch.
we sat there.
we talked and giggled.
it's been six months since our last visit and that's just waaaaay too long.
we rejoiced in the evidence of god's hand in our lives.
we shared tears of joy.
we explored the art of parenting and compared stories.
we shared our challenges and took note of our blessings.
she {among several others that are truly gifts from god} is a place of refuge for me.
she always has been.
since the first interaction of that freckle faced teenager and this metal mouth teenager fifteen years ago.
she encourages me.
loves me just as i am {and that often is a task in and of itself}.
she is a wonderful friend.
for her...i am forever grateful!

thank you k.p.



  1. Praise God for heart sisters, eh? I blogged about this exact same thing over the weekend - great minds :)

  2. Love this. How great it is to have wonderful friends! <333


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