December 22, 2010

{diamonds. roses. and knives. OH MY!}

i received the text.
then i waited 10 minutes for my phone to reveal the news {thank you iphone 3}.
a diamond.
shiney and new on the sweetest little finger.
i called her immediately waiting with anticipation to hear it.
confirm it.
relish in it with her.
when she answered i squeeled and she squeeled right back.
{i don't know why girls do that...we just do, k?}
i shared her joy.
she shared her story.
so sweet.
so simple.
so intentional.
ahhhh....the joys of engagement.
i remember mine so clearly. i relive it often. it is a memory held in a special place never to be forgotten.
knives that distracted me.
white roses that filled the kitchen.
the man i love dressed in the color that make his eyes even more beautiful.
one knee.
the four words every girl dreams about from childhood.
{"will you marry me?"}
yes! yes! a million times yes!
i will be yours forever.

take time to remember those special moments today.
relive them.
relish them.
be thankful once again.

grace and peace friends,

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  1. Oh how I cant wait to feel those same joys!! Congrats to your friend! <333


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