November 1, 2010

{welcome and hello}

welcome to the pleated polka dot. where everything is better with polka dots {wink}. i'm super excited to introduce you to the shop. you will find all kinds of goodies there from pouches to rings to crayon rolls and some other fun things that are coming soon!

i hope you will visit again and tell your friends!
and if you followed me on Just A Mom And More please consider following me here too!

oh and check this out....
a little down the page on the right. do you see it?
{squeeeee!} I have a button!
can you believe it?  i'm just so excited!

and i have the awesome little miss Design Girl to thank for it.

i'll be posting regularly at this site i hope you'll keep coming back!

blessings on this lovely monday morning


  1. love the new day i'm gonna figure out all of the ins & outs to blog design too. i was expecting the store but not a new blog too... yay!

  2. congrats on your new shop!! love the products you have in there already!! :D

  3. Beautiful! Came by cuz of your tweet!


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